Our Quality Policy

At Network Logistics Group, we share a collective commitment to quality, which entails comprehending our customers’ needs, offering innovative and superior services, and continuously refining our business processes and performance to meet and exceed their expectations. It is the shared responsibility and objective of every Network Project Logistics Inc. employee.

The Quality Management System framework sets customer-focused business practices as the guiding principle, promoting a mindset of perpetual growth and innovation, teamwork-supported processes, a structure centered on respect, trust, and honesty, delegation of authority, and systems that foster the ongoing professional development of employees.

Continuous Developmen

We keep track of all written or verbal suggestions, requests, and complaints made by our customers, investigate them, and strive hard to find long-term solutions. It is our company policy to ensure that our Quality Management System is constantly developed and improved.

Customer Satisfaction

Our Customer Satisfaction Policy is based on “Customer Orientation”. We aim to build long-term relationships with our customers.

With an extensive agency network and a commitment to prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction at every stage of its services, Network Project Logistics Inc. persistently conducts its operations in all aspects of transportation.

The company has adopted a customer-oriented management style and has adopted customer satisfaction as a principle. In pursuit of its goal to maintain and elevate quality standards and deliver enhanced service to customers, the company makes investments that align with customer needs and expectations. Furthermore, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, the company is dedicated to delivering fast, reliable, and transparent services, as well as practical alternatives, that cater to the unique needs of each customer.