Our Semi Lowbed Equipment

Network Project Logistics Inc. offers import-export transportation services from Turkey to Europe, Asia, and Turkic Republics and road transportation services across Europe, Asia, and Turkic Republics by using the self-owned Semi Lowbed vehicles and other rented vehicles of the group company Network Global Logistics.

Our Semi Lowbed trailers are designed to be lower than standard vehicles, allowing them to navigate under crossings, bridges, and other low obstacles. In this way, the transportation of freight becomes safer and easier.

In addition to their clearance advantage, our Semi Lowbed trailers are frequently utilized for the transportation of large and heavy freight, including heavy machinery, construction materials, large pipes, and industrial equipment. We provide transportation services tailored to the specific needs of our customers, selecting the most suitable Semi Lowbed trailers based on the characteristics of their freight. Our goal is to deliver seamless service to our customers, which is why we prioritize regular maintenance and repairs for the trailers in our fleet.  

3 Axle Semi Lowbed

4 Axle Semi Lowbed

5 Axle Semi Lowbed

6 Axle Semi Lowbed

8 Axle Semi Lowbed