Riverway Transportation

Transportation on natural or artificial water networks is referred to as river and inland waterway transportation. Road, maritime, air, and rail are the first modes of transportation that come to mind. Another highly cost-effective transportation model, which is often overlooked but is gaining significance with each passing day, is inland waterway transportation. Large volumes of trade are carried out on inland waterways in many countries, especially in Europe, America and Russia.

We offer comprehensive ship chartering and part-cargo transportation services to the Caspian Sea ports using river-type vessels and barges. Our “door-to-door” delivery approach enables us to provide turnkey services to our customers.

Network Project Logistics provides transportation services in European inland waters and Russian inland waters. River-type vessels departing from European and Turkish ports enter the Volga Don River, pass through the Rostov Canal transit point and reach the Caspian Sea ports. However, this route cannot be used during the winter months as the Rostov Canal crossing is closed.

Our transportation operations on the Caspian Sea offer a highly cost-effective advantage compared to other transportation models. Furthermore, this is the only alternative route for the transport of very heavy and “out of gauge” cargo that cannot be transported by road.