Main Sectors We Operate In

Your Powerful Solution Partner in the Construction Sector 

Network Project Logistics Inc. has become a trusted partner for numerous local and international construction and contracting firms in Turkey and overseas. Providing project-specific solutions at every stage of construction projects, Intermodal, Multimodal and Combined transports provide the most suitable transportation models for the needs of its customers. 

Energy Sector Saves Energy on Logistics with Us 

Our country, being an energy corridor, sees a continuous increase in investments in the energy sector. In parallel with this increase, the sector faces a serious logistics need. Our company offers logistics solutions for various projects in the energy sector, from on-site delivery to evacuation.  

Our company can determine the most appropriate transportation method and route based on the loading location of the products, offering various options such as road transportation, complete ship chartering, transportation service with river type ships, and combined transportation alternatives with wagon transportation for out-of-gauge transportation across countries. We offer the most appropriate route and alternative suggestions to our customers and try to minimize the cost. 

Special Logistics Solutions for the Machinery Sector 

We prioritize the safe and efficient delivery of machinery and equipment required by various sectors to their production sites. Due to their size, machines cannot be transported by standard vehicles. For this reason, we carry out machinery and equipment transportation with our vehicles specially designed and added to our fleet for the machinery sector. Additionally, we present our customers with various transportation alternatives and provide transportation services via the most efficient transportation route and method that suits their needs. 

Your reliable logistics service provider for the Mining Sector 

Standing 28th in the world in terms of mineral production value, Turkey ranks 10th in terms of mineral diversity. Our company has successfully completed various projects involving the transportation and delivery of equipment required for exploration, tactical, and transportation activities in the mining sector. We provide various transportation routes and solutions using our own equipment, particularly for the delivery of equipment imported for oil exploration activities from the loading site to the field.