Network Logistics Groups Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Since its establishment in 2008, Network Global Logistics Inc. has been specializing in providing logistics services for industrial project transportation and multimodal transportation to numerous corporate companies in Turkey and worldwide. Following its establishment, the company quickly achieved recognition in Turkey, becoming the country’s second-fastest growing firm and earning three consecutive accolades in the same category.

Network Project Logistics Inc. provides multimodal transportation solutions utilizing a wide range of transportation modes, including land, maritime, riverway, railway, and airway, through its extensive truck fleet and global network of agencies, setting itself apart in the sector.

Our company closely follows the needs of its customers in the international trade market. To ensure the continuous flow of information, Network Global Logistics is continuously improving its service quality and tailoring its service details to meet global needs. Our company follows a customer-centric approach and strives to reduce logistics costs for our customers by providing them with alternative transportation methods. To achieve this, the company continuously conducts market research. By continually enhancing its corporate structure, the company sustains its dominant position in providing prompt delivery and efficient information flow, along with cost-effective logistics solutions. Network Global Logistics is committed to mitigating global environmental threats and conducts its activities using eco-friendly methods.