Project Cargo Transportation

Network Project Logistics Inc. provides project cargo transportation services to the energy, mining, and construction sectors with the help of their experienced and expert staff, handling freight that requires special equipment due to its dimensions and weight, exceeding the standard limits.

Before transporting your project cargo, our expert team conducts a thorough technical analysis and provides you with the most suitable transportation method and route. We choose the mode of transportation with minimum cost, minimum risk and fastest speed. Following this, we arrange for the pick-up of your project cargo from the production facility and ensure its safe delivery to the destination address.

Our project cargo transportation is conducted through multimodal transportation, where we utilize various modes such as road, sea, and rail either individually or in combination.

What is Project ?

The Project Management Institute (PMI) defines a project as “a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result “.

The second commonly used definition of a project is “A set of unique, complex, interconnected activities with a goal or objective that must be completed within a defined time and budget, according to the desired characteristics.”

According to the definitions mentioned, the main qualities of a project are: Each project should result in a unique product, service, or outcome.   Projects are implemented within a certain period of time, each project has a beginning and an end. Projects have a defined budget and targets Projects are different from each other in their constituent activities.

What is Project Cargo?

There is still no universally accepted definition for the term “project cargo” in the literature. Similar to the situation with logistics until the end of the 1900s, various definitions of project cargo have been put forward by companies in the logistics sector or those that utilize project cargo transportation, but a consensus on a single definition has yet to be reached.

Based on PMI’s definition of Project, the cargo must be an out-of-gauge freight, rather than a “unique product”, using standard means of transportation. The definition of “unique” means that transportation should not repeat itself, in other words, it should be project-based transportation, as in the cargo transported to projects in sectors such as energy, mining, and construction.

Instead of the question of what is project cargo, if we ask what should be in the definition of project cargo. It should be defined as an out-of-gauge freight and a unique non-repetitive transportation.